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FarmApp helps farmers plan, manage, monitor, analyze, market and sell profitable farm products.

FarmApp Version 2.0 Now Available

We've learned a lot launching the first version of FarmApp. And now it's time to take those lessons learned and make FarmApp even better. As the new kid on the block, we have a lot to prove. But make no mistake, we are serious about being the world's best farm, livestock and crop management technology.

With the release of version 2.0, FarmApp has even more features to help you farm with maximum efficiency and profitability. We've not only added great new features like Task and Crop Management, but we've also made it easier for you to sign up, no credit card needed. We don't like price tier gimmicks, so we simplified our pricing. And because we want FarmApp to be the only app your farm will ever need, we've also upgraded our technology allowing us to roll out our native mobile solution in January 2020.


FarmApp is your farm, livestock and crop management command center for running an efficient, scalable, and profitable farm operation.

Livestock Manager

Track essential livestock management records such as herd, batches, count, location, feed, mortality, weight, expenses, labor, notes, and harvests. Livestock data can be monitored in real-time or analyzed historically. Livestock features are tightly integrated with contacts, products, orders, notes, financials and tasks.

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Crop Manager

Track essential crop management records such as plants, crops, location, expenses, inputs, labor, notes, yields and harvests. Crop data can be monitored in real-time and analyzed historically. Crop features are tightly integrated with managing contacts, products, orders, notes, financials and tasks.

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Contact Manager

Your success depends on maximizing your relationships with your prospects, customers, vendors and markets. Contact Manager gives you instant access to key data including contact information, multiple contacts for businesses, customizable groups, price tiers, orders, payments, notes and emails.

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Order Manager

Order Manager makes it easy to create new orders, manage and edit existing orders, track payments and status. Orders are tightly integrated with crops, livestock, products, inventory and contacts.

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Task Manager

Everything a productive farm needs including to-do lists, reminders, scheduling, and task assignment. You can even setup recurring tasks and reuse common task lists. Task Manager allows you to scale your farm operation by better managing your team, projects and tasks.

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Product Manager

Easily configure your products using hierarchical categories, keep track of essential product details and assign customizable pricing for your different customer groups. Monitor product inventory and order data in real-time or analyze historically. Inventory management is seamless and tightly integrated with livestock and crop features. Inventory can be tracked by livestock and crop harvest dates.

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Feed Manager

Feed Manager keeps track of all your feed for all of your livestock. Integrated with Livestock Manager feed logs, monitor your weight on hand in real time. Create customized feed measurements, just let FarmApp know that bucket of chick starter is equal to 40 pounds.

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Expense Manager

All farm data is critical to a successful farm operation including expenses that eat into your farm profits. FarmApp helps make this mundane task a little easier. Keep track of this pesky profit robbing financial data and monitor in real-time or analyze historically.

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Activity Manager

Reduce the surprises and leverage critical data to make command decisions. FarmApp automatically creates farm log records for key events. All activity logs from your farm team are also captured for analysis. Monitor this data in real-time or analyze historically.

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Dashboard Manager

FarmApp is an easy to use platform for capturing your farm data. Dashboard Manager transforms this data into powerful information to help you react to the constantly changing demands of your agriculture business.

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Our pricing is simple, just like our technology.


  • 50 Users

  • Livestock Management

  • Payment Processing

  • Expense Management

  • Contact Management

  • Crop Management

  • Task Management

  • Dashboard

  • Order Management

  • Inventory Management

  • Labor Tracking

  • Mobile Coming Soon

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