Our Story

For us, farming is the most important job in the world. For generations farmers have been the unsung heroes feeding the world and fueling the economy. We want to see more people become farmers and we want all farmers to be successful. This motivates us to build solutions that helps farmers maximize efficiency and profitability.

I'm Jason Callison co-founder of the FarmApp. I started a small-boutique farm at the young age of 41. Like many others, I wanted to grow natural and healthy food for my community. I gladly traded in city living for a small farm lifestyle. It's through this farming experience that inspired me to create a new farm management solution.

FarmApp is a farm, livestock and crop management technology that helps farmers plan, manage, monitor, analyze, market and sell profitable farm products. Livestock and crop management features that are tightly integrated with dashboards, customers, vendors, leads, markets, records, logs, inventory, orders, payments, expenses and tasks. FarmApp is your command center for running an efficient, scalable, and profitable farm operation.