The Future of Farming

For us, farming is the most important job in the world. For generations, farmers have been the unsung heroes fueling our economy. The American Farmer is under appreciated, not only growing and raising our food, but also caring for the land and our natural resources. At FarmApp, this motivates us to want to solve the biggest problems in farming.

Our Philosophy

We want to do everything possible to expand farming's potential in a sustainable way. We do that by dreaming up groundbreaking farm innovations. We deliver value using lean, agile, and deliberate methodologies. Our approach is to listen first, admit mistakes and speak candidly.

Our Story

In 2014, we started growing vegetables in our backyard. Six months later, we rented two acres of farm land and started Orlando Farms. In 2016, we upgraded to a rural lifestyle and moved to a 5 acre farm in East Orlando. Our farming experience inspired us to build our own farm management solution. We named it FarmApp and decided to share it with the world.