FarmApp Startup Dilemma: Build a Blog Engine Or Use Pre-Existing Solution

Posted on Wednesday, September 5, 2018 at 8:00 PM

farmapp buy vs build blog

Like many software startups, we have to entertain the buy vs build decision often. This can be increasingly challenging when you are self-funded and have developer tendencies. And like every business, including farming, you have finite resources and have to decide: 

Do I want to pay for this service or do it myself?

In farming it might be: Do I want to build a mobile chicken coop, or do I want to buy a pre-built solution?

For the FarmApp team, we had to decide whether to build a blog feature or integrate a pre-existing solution. Earlier this summer (2018) we started drawing up plans for a new marketing feature that allows farmers to easily build a web presence. We call this the Farm Portal. And part of any good web presence strategy is blogging.

Here are the reasons why we decided to build our own blogging engine:

  • the team has content management and blogging software experience and expertise
  • blogging is a core feature of our product and we want complete control
  • our architecture easily lends itself to integrating this functionality
  • User experience is key to our design, it must be something we want to use

The decision to build our own blog feature ended up being low risk and low cost due to our app's architecture and team's experience. In the end, we have complete control and won't be introducing somebody else's version of plug-n-play. This is a win-win for us and our farmers. 

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