FarmApp Team Attending Profitable Market Farming Workshop at East End Market

Published: 11/4/2018

Profitable farming is something that farmers work towards every day. New technologies are introduced, and innovations re-shape how we approach an aspect of crop production. As farmers, we understand that lifelong learning is a key ingredient in the success of a farm. 

This weekend, East End Market is offering a two-day workshop on Profitable Urban Farming with Curtis Stone. We’re looking forward to attending with our FarmApp team, and growing our knowledge base. Curtis owns and operates Green City Acres in Kelowna, BC, Canada where he achieves gross profits of over $100,000 on a quarter of an acre. 

How is that possible? Curtis utilizes technology, the right crops and tools, targeted market streams, and economic strategies to maximize his success. During the workshop, he’ll be sharing the secrets of his success, and helping other small-scale farms increase their profitability.

Let’s look at a few details from Curtis’ farming strategy. He specializes in a select group of high value crops with a quick growing season. In Canada, he only has an eight-month window to produce crops. These quick growing crops allow him to produce multiple harvests in that eight-month window. 

Beyond that, he understands the value of business systems that streamline labor and production. When we started our farm, coming from careers in technology and business, we realized that one software system to increase our efficiency didn’t exist. This created a gap in efficiencies that could not be achieved on our farm. We also know that streamlining labor and production increases farm profitability.

That’s why we developed FarmApp. It fills a need we had on our own farm, and one that you probably have as well. FarmApp is a command center to run a more efficient and profitable farm operation, from the convenience of your browser. Contacts, inventory and order management, livestock, crops, and labor tracking are all in one application.

So, what will we learn from Curtis? We’re eager to hear about his choice of crops, inter-cropping strategies that double his yield on crop beds, and the small machinery and hand tools that keep small farms efficient. Curtis is also keenly interested in software and labor efficiencies, and we’ll have the opportunity to compare notes with other farmers on software that works as we continue building FarmApp into the world’s best farm management solution for small and large operations.

There are features on FarmApp that we’re still developing the technology for, including crops, communication, payment processing, task management, and delivery management. Our farm is only one example of how to effectively manage all of these features. Each farm faces a unique set of circumstances that influence how these processes are fulfilled. We will learn different strategies that have proven effective, or that haven’t worked from Curtis, the case studies he shares, and the other farmers attending the workshop. Diversity in experience and application allows for true growth and practical solutions.

Farming is a journey, with opportunities for lifelong learning around every bend in the road. We continue learning to improve our own farm, and help other farmers plan, manage, market, sell and deliver farm products with a unified, easy-to-use application. Will you be joining the FarmApp team at the Profitable Urban Farming Workshop this weekend?


I'm Jason Callison co-founder of the FarmApp. I started a small-boutique farm at the young age of 41. Like many others, I wanted to grow natural and healthy food for my community. It's through this farming experience that inspired me to create a new farm management solution.


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