What's new in FarmApp 2.0? We've added Task Management, Crop Management and a new Dashboard!

Published: 11/21/2019

We've learned a lot launching the first version of FarmApp. And now it's time to take those lessons learned and make FarmApp even better. As the new kid on the block, we have a lot to prove. But make no mistake, we are serious about being the world's best farm, livestock and crop management technology. 

With the release of version 2.0, FarmApp has even more features to help you farm with maximum efficiency and profitability. We've not only added great new features like Task and Crop Management, but we've also made it easier for you to sign up, no credit card needed. We don't like price tier gimmicks, so we simplified our pricing. And because we want FarmApp to be the only app your farm will ever need, we've also upgraded our technology allowing us to roll out our native mobile solution in January 2020.


Simplified Pricing: No Pricing Tiers! Bye Bye Bye!

You are busy enough running your farm operation and certainly don't have time to figure out gimmicky pricing tiers. We want our pricing to be simple, just like our app. We now have a single subscription plan which offers all of our core farm management features, including livestock and crop management, for one great price. Farming Technology Made Simple!


Easier to sign up for a free trial: No credit card required!

We no longer require a credit card to sign up for a free trial. Fill out a simple registration form and start using FarmApp right away. Your minutes away from super charging your farm operation. 


Virtually unlimited farm users: Your entire farm team is invited!

Other software products limit the number of users unless you reach deep in your pockets and upgrade to the highest plan. Not at FarmApp, our simplified pricing plan means you not only get to use all of our core features for one great price, but you also can add up to 50 farm users. What's the point of using our new Task Manager, if you can't schedule and assign tasks to your farm team?  


Crop Manager: Goodbye spreadsheets, hello FarmApp!

Some farms just raise livestock and some just grow crops. And some farms do both. With our new release, so does FarmApp. The new Crop Manager helps keep track of your "growing" operation giving you greater financial visibility, greater efficiency and greater profitability. Track essential records such as plants, crops, location, expenses, harvests, yields, orders, inventory, profits and losses. And just like our Livestock Manager, Crop Manager is tightly integrated with the core components of FarmApp.  


Task Manager:  No wimpy to-do list here, professional farm grade only!

We know that not all farms run the same. That's why we built Task Manager with professional grade features that compare with other leading commercial productivity and to-do apps. Everything a productive farm needs including to-do lists, reminders, scheduling, and task assignment. You can even setup recurring tasks and reuse common task lists. FarmApp Task Manager allows you to scale your farm operation by better managing your team and tasks. 


Dashboard: Not just for fortune 100 companies

Businesses around the world use dashboards to help monitor the health of their operations. Farms are businesses too and deserve the latest technology and tools to help stay on top of their game. That's why we built the first version of the FarmApp Dashboard which gives you instant access to tasks, recent orders and the farm activity feed. The farm activity feed provides real time farm monitoring to help you react to the constantly changing demands of an agriculture business. 


Customer Support:  World class, no friction, instant access

All of your feedback, good and bad, is important to us. That's why we built support right into our app. We want to provide the industry's best customer support and that's why you don't have to leave our app to talk with us. All of the FarmApp features are tightly integrated. Why would customer support be any different?  


Technology: We are building for the future

For a bootstrapped startup, the thought of upgrading your technology stack can be a painful and agonizing decision process. You weigh the pros and cons, knowing that in the end you, and only you, own the decision (just one of the benefits of being an entrepreneur). In order to be the world's best farm management solution, we have to build the best in class native mobile solution. Our mobile solution must work in the real world. And when it comes to farming, the real world means that many times you don't always have internet and cellular data connections in the field. This is a complex problem to solve and we need the latest technology to do cutting edge innovation. Although this upgrade took longer and greatly delayed the release of version 2.0, it was well worth it. FarmApp's new technology is fertile ground to sow the seeds of innovation. 


Mobile Ready: You are free to roam the pasture, with or without internet connection

Coming to your app store and mobile phone January 2020, the new FarmApp Mobile! FarmApp Mobile will be available at no additional charge to our FarmApp subscribers. FarmApp Mobile works offline allowing you to work in the field without internet connection. Once connected to the internet, your information will synchronize, uploading and downloading the latest changes. FarmApp is your new mobile command center. 


I'm Jason Callison co-founder of the FarmApp. I started a small-boutique farm at the young age of 41. Like many others, I wanted to grow natural and healthy food for my community. It's through this farming experience that inspired me to create a new farm management solution.


We are proud to be a member of and support the American Pastured Poultry Producers Association since 2017