Livestock Manager

Livestock Manager is a key feature of, a cloud-based software solution designed to enable farmers to plan, manage, and sell their livestock with one simple, easy-to-use application. Perfect for family farms and larger-scale agri-businesses, eliminates the need for multiple spreadsheets and poorly integrated systems with this one fully integrated application. The result is greater financial visibility, greater efficiency, and greater profitability for small and medium sized livestock farms. Livestock Manager

Livestock Tracking

Regardless of the type of livestock, keeping track of essentials such as count, location, feed consumption, losses, and orders is challenging. Providing an easy-to-use solution is the core of the technology.

Inventory and Order Management

Closely-integrated with the livestock tracking feature, simplifies managing livestock orders and inventory. The integration of the features in the app saves time and creates seamless efficiency in farm record keeping.

Labor Tracking

Labor is a huge part of farming, and one of the most difficult to track and incorporate into product pricing. By integrating labor costs with livestock management, enables more accurate pricing for greater profitability.

Contact Management

Today’s farms are selling to a wide range of customers, such as farmer’s markets, CSAs, restaurants, wholesalers, and even direct to consumers. helps manage these contacts—including current accounts and prospective customers—more efficiently.